If you are in need of a high security gun safe, look no further.  
We offer both custom and production model safes built to the
highest standards.  We also offer restored antique safes
outfitted with custom interiors.

Keep in mind that these are not your typical gun safes.  With
weights starting at around 1,600 pounds and exceeding 2 tons,
the security far surpasses that seen from other big name
manufacturers.  These safes may also boast a 1 or 2 hour fire
endurance with temperatures reaching 1,750 degrees.

These safes are available in the following ratings:

B Rate - 1/2" steel plate door & 1/4" steel plate body

C Rate - 1" steel plate door & 1/2" steel plate body

E Rate - 1.5" steel plate door & 1" steel plate body

F Rate - 1.5" laminated steel door & 1" steel plate body

TL-15, TL-30, TRTL-15, TRTL-30 - steel plate or composite
Price Range:
$2,600 to $10,000+

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30 Gun Safe
2 Hour Fire Rating
Protect your firearms from fire and theft with our AMSEC High on
the market with a UL burglar rating.  It provides 2 hours of fire
protection in a 1,850 degree fire for up to 30 guns.

This safe is available in a variety of gloss and textured finishes
suitable for any decor.  The interior is covered in a pin-dot velour
to protect your guns, and all shelves are adjustable.

This gun safe features:

  • 3.5 inch body built with a defensive barrier of inner and
    outer steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a
    high security material

  • 2.75 inch door built similar to body with stronger materials

  • UL listed Group 2M mechanical combination lock with key
    locking dial and two additional relocking devices.

  • 2 hour fire protection.

  • 30 gun capacity.

  • (10) 1.5 inch diameter bolts locking on the left, and hinge
    side of door.

  • The only gun safe on the market today with a UL TL-30
    burglary rating

Volume:         42 Cubic Feet
External:        72.00" T x 35.00" W x 29.50" D
Internal:         68.00" T x 28.00" W x 20.00" D  
Weight:          3,455 Pounds

Gloss MSRP $9,100.00
Your Cost $6,370.00

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