Frank and Eric lowering a 5,000 pound jeweler's safe off of blocks and onto Rol-a-Lifts
Winching safe into position and onto Premco hydraulic deck trailer
Frank placing vault door onto trailer for transport to installation site
Crane lifting vault door from trailer and lowering it into the basement
Door lowered into basement - Mike removing the rigging
Eric securing the door into the vault and opening the door after final adjustments
Two AMSEC RF6528 gun safes with a Fort Knox   -   Our gun safe display at a local gun show
Moving a gun safe on a steep grade and cribbing it up to door level
Eric and Frank with a new 4,000 pound burglary safe being installed for our friends at Mutual Safe
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Moving a 3,500 pound jeweler's safe down a hill for a residential delivery
Cribbing jeweler's safe to roll over step and sliding patio door
Moving jeweler's safe off of grass and on to patio
Removing jeweler's safe from cribbing and rolling it into position using aluminum sheets